New Release: Food Court LP

Excited to announce the release of the first Food Court LP, available from Penultimate Press or direct from Kye. Should be a handful of copies for sale around Melbourne soon.

Kye is proud to present the eponymous debut LP by Australia's Food Court. Centered around the core trio of James Rushford, Joe Talia and Francis Plagne - (alongside contributions from Yuko Kono, Chloë Smith, Alexander Garsden, Nat Grant, Simon Charles and Callum G'Froerer) - Food Court present two live interpretations of Solage's 'fumeux fume par fumme', driving the curious nature of the original composition into radical and extreme new open space. 'Food Court' arrives in a Karla Pringle designed full-color sleeve, with accompanying insert, in an edition of 400 copies.


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