Bar Open Wednesday 2nd February

Francis Plagne is a Melbourne-based musician and songwriter whose work engages with both popular and experimental music. His solo recordings have been released by Synaesthesia, Mistletone, Nervous Jerk, Breakdance the Dawn and Albert's Basement and have been exhibited at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space and Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart. His music has been described as sounding as ‘close to Pet Sounds era Beach Boys as it does a musique concrète future classic or an exercise in folk collage’ (Mess + Noise) and as the ‘unlikely amalgam of Antonio Carlos Jobim's samba and an Andre Breton poem’ (ThreeThousand). At Bar Open he will perform with Joe Talia (drums), Connal Parsley (bass), Alex Garsden (guitar), Anthony Pateras (organ), Judith Hamann (cello) and James Rushford (viola).

Make Up Sex comprise of one Sophia Brous and one Tarquin Manek. Initially based upon improvised guttural vocalisations of feelings of (sexual) tension and release, in recent times the duo have evolved their shows into avante pop spectacles that move between brutal vocal contortions and sugar-sweet melodic wanderings. Entirely improvised, Make Up Sex lay themselves bare with only their voices and bodies to guide them

"Bundling together time-warping feedback loops, cracked and mangled tape sounds, the pure tonality of no-input mixing desk, and found object manipulation (fed through dirty, hand-molded contact mics), local visual artist Bjorn Futler (aka Oranj Punjabi) places sonority under stress, pushing library recordings of body noise through a thick wall of psychedelic splooey. Here, collage and concept meet an exceptionally tactile approach to the simple pleasures of making noise from broken and detourned equipment. Futler's music is pitched at a refreshingly human and unpretentious level, as opposed to the 'male-pain/man-feelings' boy-sterousness of so many muscle-noise-jocks. Thrusting forth through frothy mounds of tape-noise, Bjorn Futler destroys. Fully." - Vladimir Poontang

Melbourne three-piece Where Were You At Lunch play obstreperous instrumental music with moments of gentle sadness. Over the years drummer Kishore Ryan and bassist Peter Emptage have established themselves in the Australian indie scene and guitarist Samaan Fieck has accomplished honours in sound art. With nods to Fugazi, Deerhoof and New York no wave outfit DNA, the trio produce a certain malformed beauty. Some of their songs are carefully composed by generating intervals and rhythms from sports statistics. Others are spasmodic improvisations or cyclic linear compositions. Their debut album, produced by Nick Huggins, is an adroit work of art and proves them to be a capable new band.

some live videos

This one was shot at Bar Open on the 4th of March 2010 by Matt Kennedy, when we played with his band Kitchens Floor. The song is 'Clouds Collect', the line up (I think) is me, Connal Parsley on bass, Joe Talia on drums, Ned Collette on electric guitar, Judith Hamann on cello.

This one was shot at the Edinburgh Castle on the 27th of June 2009. The song is 'Wings 6 Ft'. The weird bass-less line up is me, Anthony Pateras on organ, Judith Hamann on cello, James Rushford on viola, Joe Talia on drums.

Two gigs next week

Two Francis Plagne Band gigs next week, both at the Builders Arms:

Wednesday 19th of January with Far Concern and Sheahan Drive (Gus Franklin), $6.

Friday 21st of January with Tailor Made for a Small Room (Japan) and Clue to Kalo, $7.