New Release: Andrew Chalk, 'Painted Screens' cassette

The great French label An'Archives recently released a cassette by Andrew Chalk, 'Painted Screens'. I played on the piece that ended up as the B side when I was in Hull last year.
Some copies should be available from the label.

Info from the label:
cassette ltd to 100

with the participation of Federico Durand, Naoko Suzuki,  Daisuke Suzuki , Francis Plagne & Timo Van Luijk
 Music box, intimate music with a large palette of instruments, voices, sounds, mixed feelings and mysteries
  Side A sounds like a window opened on travelling memories, half awakened thoughts and shared moments.
 Side B has a more dreamy and nocturnal wandering atmosphere, with undulating rays sporadically lighting a subconscious picture. 

Andrew Chalk:
Timo van Luijk:
Frederico Durand:

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